Records Retention Center

"We'll have to derail our expansion if we do not fix Records Management "

- EVP Operations & Systems


The mortgage processing area of this savings and loan was faced with dynamic and rapid growth through both acquisition and merger, creating inconsistencies and a lack of continuity within both the archival storage facility and the mortgage file facility. LoBue Associates was hired to identify and report the opportunities for organizational and process improvement in this area. Specific objectives of the program included:

  • Establishment of appropriate management control processes within the permanent files facility.
  • Rationalization of the processes associated with the file room as they applied to input/output controls, current systems and filing methodology.
  • Evaluation of the current facility in terms of physical layout and future adequacy


  • Clarify roles and accountability, separate archival box storage and mortgage file facility functions.
  • Allocate costs to user departments based on a standard methodology, representing true usage of facilities, staff and service.
  • Develop a comprehensive management process program that incorporated a detailed daily MIS to track all user requests to resolution.
  • Create an archive task force that represented users and the record center to translate retention policy into procedure.
  • Evaluate alternative media use for records retention, including microfilm and microfiche.
  • Establish an inventory control system that would accurately record and track the contents of the mortgage file facility.


  • Developed standardized procedures for archiving documents.
  • Improved processing and inventory controls. Developed standard forms for all activities.
  • Provided client with a complete facilities model.
  • Organized a task force to address each issue based on implementation plans that LoBue presented.
  • Implemented 24-hour turnaround standard for file requests.
  • Developed new functions without increasing staff.
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