Merger Integration

"I can't get the Product centric and Client centric cultures to come together"

- EVP Private & Investment Bank


A newly merged global bank needed to integrate all private banking operations -- including trust, investment services and client management -- of what had been two very different institutions, with unique infrastructures and cultures. Additionally, the client wanted to maximize operational synergies and reduce expenses by $70 million.


  • Increase portfolio manager account loading.
  • Develop relationship/product profitability model.
  • Consolidate trading and incorporate a fixed income brokerage.
  • Rationalize investment advisory allocation.
  • Develop investment management system.
  • Install MIS process.
General Services
  • Reengineer domestic securities, international securities, cash processing, client services and credit control & support.
Client Management
  • Redesign organization and reengineer all activities identifying inefficiencies, redundancies and positioning.
  • Increase relationship management capacity within department by realignment of non-sales activities.
Trust & Fiduciary Services
  • Implement specific process improvements, system enhancements, work design and a Management Process.
  • Remove administrative tasks from Trust Officers – transfer to Trust Assistants and Fiduciary Assistants.
  • Standardize work processes across department to institutionalize product.
  • Move support work from Trust Department to Operations area.
  • Install Management Information System
Support Operations
  • Identify redundant activities performed within the Private Bank for consolidation.
  • Develop unique processes for each activity utilizing "best practices".
  • Create organizational design which focuses on productivity, efficiency and service excellence.


All private banking processes and operations were redesigned and a new management system was established, integrating the merged organizations’ best practices while achieving cost savings in excess of $80 million per annum.

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