Affluent Banking Opportunity Realization

"We have struggled servicing our high net worth customers."



The largest bank in their market was void of any discernable Affluent banking proposition for its most profitable retail customers.  Business focused on “local” or branch customer ownership leading inconsistent best efforts “VIP” treatment.  Segmentation policy built on loose rules which did little to capture opportunities against existing or external to bank Affluent segment.  Bank’s channels and fulfillment operations failed in meeting acceptable TAT’s causing customer frustration.  Affluent customers consistently sought servicing from other market players, mainly int’l banks, causing asset erosion or many cases total customer defection.  Bank management invited LoBue to assess current situatioun and develop a strategy and rapid tactical deployment model to realize opportunities within the Affluent banking market.


  • Build segment strategy for identification of Affluent segments
  • Define strategic target operating model including product, experience and service delivery propositions
  • Perform GAP analysis between strategic operating model and current Bank operations to determine quick launch tactical model
  • Define and build products/service delivery processes for sustainability
  • Define interaction model to ensure service delivery met customer experience requirements


  • Defined policy and process for managing  Affluent consumer segments
  • Built/sourced full range of product and service proposition offerings for defined segments
  • Defined detail plan for utilizing existing bank products, distribution channels and operations to support newly defined segments
  • Built process and organizations for ongoing segment management
  • Built and began execution of migration plan for defined segments
  • Executed business soft launch(prototype) migrating select customers to new proposition offering
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