Lobue News: Jun 15, 2013

The LoBue Group Adds Two Advisors

Dr. David Gilbert and Jeffery Volk Join LoBue's Advisory Team

The LoBue Group is pleased to announce the addition of two Advisors to our Advisory Board.  Dr. David Gilbert and Jeffery Volk.  The addition of two new advisors adds a wealth of experience in banking, capital markets, international finance, risk, technology, and more. We are honored to have them.

Dr. David Gilbert
David Gilbert, Ph.D., has had a long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, venture capitalist, and corporate director. He is currently a managing member of Whitemarsh Capital, a boutique investment bank and consultancy. He has served as CEO of five companies, served on the board of three public companies, and founded three companies.
David served as the CEO and Executive Chairman of Mantara Inc., and led the development and commercialization of an extremely high speed multi-asset trading system for trade execution on financial exchanges and electronic clearing networks.
David was a Board Member and Chairman of the Compensation Committee for Clayton Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ – CLAY).  During that time, he was Managing Director of DG Holdings LLC and provided high impact consulting services to participants in the financial services industry, including Standard and Poors’ Risk Solutions Division and Open Liink Financial.
As the Chairman and CEO of ERisk, a leading provider of enterprise risk management solutions including consulting services and software products, the company doubled in size and achieved consistent profitability. The company was acquired by SunGuard in November of 2005 for a substantial premium.
David was the Founder of 401Konnect where he served as President and CEO. 401Konnect, based in Palo Alto California, utilized the internet (401Konnect.com) to create a market between 401(k) brokers and plan providers utilizing proprietary databases and search engines.
David served as Chairman of Calfed Bancorp where the board led and implemented the complete reorganization and rehabilitation of the institution including recruiting an entire new executive management team for the bank.  He directed the negotiations leading to the sale of the bank for $1.4 Billion. The sale produced a significant return to the investors.
Dr. Gilbert was the President & CEO of C*ATS SOFTWARE, a Nasdaq listed company which was a leading provider of derivative trading and financial risk management software solutions to the investment and commercial banking industries, and Senior Vice President and International Director of Risk Management Products and Services for Logica, a London based informational technology company with over a billion dollars of annual revenue.
Prior positions held by Dr. Gilbert include Founder and President of Banking Decisions Systems, Lead Developer at Data Resources, now a subsidiary of Standard and Poors, and various positions at First Pennsylvania Bank.   Dr. Gilbert started his professional career with the Federal Reserve Board as a Senior Economist and Member of the Bank Holding Company Task Force.
Dr. Gilbert has authored numerous articles for such publications as American Banker and Euromoney and has spoken extensively on risk evaluation and management, venture investing, and corporate and strategic development. He has held faculty appointments at Harvard University, the Wharton School of Finance and the City College of New York.  He received his BBA from City College in New York and his M.S. and PhD degrees in Economics and Finance from Harvard University.

Jeffrey Volk
Jeffrey Volk is presently a member of the State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy and an adjunct lecturer on international economics at the U.S. Army War College.  Jeff has served as a trusted advisor to governments, non-profits, Forbes 400 families, sovereign wealth funds, corporations and other enterprises; his expertise spans start-ups to the world’s most complex financial institutions and governments.

Jeff was a senior manager at Citibank, responsible for $4.5 trillion in securities for a global customer base of corporates and governments. He was a senior financial consultant for Kuwait and also arranged financing of aircraft, telecommunications, power generation, and oil and gas transactions in numerous countries spanning the globe. For several years following 9/11, he was a senior leader in the Securities Industry and Market Services organization which advised the Fed and OCC on establishing better controls such as the change in market practice and regulation that now requires adequate geographical dispersion of backup data centers.

Jeff served as the Managing Director of Citicorp Securities Inc. and Issuer Services and CEO of Citibank International.  He was Chief Operating Officer at Krusen Capital and a member of the Board of Directors at The Capital Markets Research Center at Georgetown. He was an Advisory Board member at the Private Export Funding Corporation, the African Development Bank, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
Jeff has an MBA from Columbia University and undergraduate degrees from Georgetown University and the U.S. Army War College.